Released jail inmate in Vero Beach, Florida goes back to jail for not paying cab driver

Vero Beach Released Inmate Calls Cab, Goes Back To Jail For Not Paying Driver

Vero Beach, Fla. - When a jail inmate was released after being arrested for shoplifting, she thought she would get a free ride home, so she thought.

She called Klub Kar, a local cab company, to pick her up at the Indian River County Jail. Upon arrival, she told the driver she had $10 and would pay for the ride when she reached her destination in Vero Beach, Florida.

According to the Sebastian Daily newspaper, the Klub Kar employee called the Vero Beach Police Department after the woman abandoned the cab and started running.

Once the driver told police that he picked up the female passenger from jail, all it took was a call to identify her.

Officers tracked down her address from information at the jail. She was identified as Briana Poole.

They went to her home of Briana Poole where another lady answered the door and confirmed the suspect was in the home. Police searched the house and found Poole hiding in a closet.

Unfortunately for Poole, she went back to the jail on a charge of transit fare evasion. She told police that she did pay Klub Kar driver, but officers weren’t buying it.

Poole was originally arrested earlier in the day for shoplifting at a Dillard’s department store in Vero Beach. Store security notified the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office about her suspicious behavior.

Officers found a bottle of men’s cologne and a t-shirt hidden in her purse. Poole told them that she had intended to pay for the items, but forgot.

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