Petra Laszlo Migrants Video

Petra Laszlo Migrants Video Makes Case Of Indictment In Hungary

Petra Laszlo, a Hungarian camerawoman who tripped migrants as they fled police, has been indicted. Laszlo says she regrets what she did, but said it was at a moment when hundreds of migrants ran past police and across Hungary’s border.

Laszlo was caught on video kicking people as they entered the country through an open field from Serbia. Prosecutors have moved forward and have charged her with breaching the peace.

Chief Prosecutor Zsolt Kopasz said Laszlo kicked a young man in the shin, then turned around and kicked a small girl at the knee as she was fleeing with her family. Kopasz said while her violent actions did not inflict injury, her behavior prompted public outcry demanding her arrest.

However, police didn’t have any evidence to suggest ethnic or migrant status motivated her actions, so they never proceeded with the case.

In the video, Laszlo was also seen trying to trip a man who was carrying a young child, causing him to fall to the ground. The man looked at her with a worried look.

Laszlo said her life is ruined since the footage was released, and that she never intended to trip the man. She claims her leg never touched the man. She was eventually fired from her TV job and thought about moving to Russia because of the public outpouring against her.

The migrant man who was carrying the child was later identified as Osama Abdul Mohsen. The video caught the attention of Miguel Angel Galan, who owns a soccer coaching school in Spain. He found out that Mohsen was a soccer coach in Syria.

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