Man Robs Bank And Leaves The Bag Full Of Cash

Chicago police are searching for a man who walked into a large bank on Monday and robs it, but leaves without the cash that was sitting on the counter, and it was all caught on camera.

Man caught on video surveillance robbing bank and leaving the bag of money behind

Police say the man was caught on video surveillance walking into the downtown Citibank around 9:40 Monday morning claiming to a teller he had a bomb in a bag. According to police News Affairs, the teller placed the cash he asked for into the bag, then the man simply turned around and left leaving the bag with the money and supposed bomb on the counter.

The bomb squad and arson units were called into investigate, which had created a gridlock situation in the area as police closed off streets until it was determined there was no actual bomb, and the area was safe.

The FBI was also called to help in the investigation.

FBI spokeswoman Joan Hyde said that the man had shown the teller a fake bomb, and it was unclear why he just left the bag and money sitting on the counter.

The man is described as an African-American male around 6 feet 2 inches tall. He was last seen was wearing a baseball cap and wore one blue latex glove.

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