Cab driver turns in $187K stashed in backseat by passenger

Cab Driver Turns In $187K, Hailed As Boston Hero

A Boston cab driver turns in $187k and is being praised for his upstanding character after police say he did the right thing and turned in the huge sum of money left in his backseat.

Police say Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland, a Boston Hackney Driver, picked up his passenger near Mass. Ave and Tremont Street Friday afternoon. After dropping him off, the driver realized the rider left his backpack behind.

While looking for an ID, the driver discovered there was about $187,000 inside the bag, reports CBS Boston. His next move was to bring the backpack and cash straight to Boston Police headquarters.

“The heart started bumping because with this man, you wouldn’t think he had five dollars in his pocket, never mind a bundle like this,” MacCausland said.

Soon after, police got a call from the backpack owner. He came down to the station, proved the cash was his, and gave the cab driver a big thank you.

“This hackney driver exhibited exemplary behavior and his honest deed should be recognized,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said in a statement. “His actions represent the high standards that our department has for our drivers.”

The large sum of cash was the passenger’s inheritance, and he had the trust agreement to show it.

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