Timberline Lodge Has 11 Inches Of New Snow

Timberline Lodge has 11 inches of new snow during the past 72 hours with its current conditions of 32 degrees.

Visitors say the Lodge is like a wonderland of beauty and they were very surprised by the natural decoration as they sipped their morning coffee.

Guests say the snow fell in the low elevations overnight, blanking the ground and trees.

Season passes at Timberline Lodge are on sale now, and their staff wants visitors to take advantage of their early bird prices.

While everyone is excited about the new snow at Timberline Lodge, we asked spokesman John Burton what this meant for the ski season.

“All I can say is November openings are very common,” he says. “But you never know, it’s opened earlier than that before.”

The Lodge seems to be a cozy place to be right now, so it’s time to get the skis out.

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