Biggest Hurricanes In Cyclone World Storm History

Biggest Hurricanes In Cyclone World Storm History

Biggest Hurricanes In History – The biggest storms in history are hurricanes that are created in the warm areas of the Atlantic ocean. They come out of nowhere, and strike areas such as Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. The season usually runs from June through November.

Katrina was the costliest hurricane in US history as well as one of the 5 most deadliest ever recorded. The cyclone storm knocked out levies and sent 80% of New Orleans underwater. It is the largest natural disaster to ever hit the United States.

Andrew was the only named hurricane for the 1992 season but boy did it make it’s mark. Wreaking havoc across the northwestern Bahamas, southern Florida and southwest Louisiana. Andrew caused $26.5 billion (USD 1992) in damage though some sources place this number closer to $34 billion.

Hurricane Ike is in the top 3 for most destructive cyclone’s to ever hit with $24 billion (2008 USD) in the United States, with additional damage of $7.3 billion in Cuba, $200 million in the Bahamas, and $500 million in the Turks and Caicos, amounting to a total of $32 billion in damages.

When the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 made landfall on September 8th it brought a 15 foot tall storm surge along with 135mph winds, making it a category 4. The surge was so powerful it washed over the entire island, knocking buildings off their foundations and then pounding them into scraps of wood. In total over 3600 houses were destroyed.

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