Ford Raptor Awakens 2017 Fans At Detroit Auto Show

The Ford Raptor made its 2017 debut at the Detroit Auto Show after promising to offer less weight and better fuel economy like its previous predecessors. The Wall St. Cheat Sheet reports that the 2017 model brings a “radical change in the design.” While it was built for rougher terrain, it now uses a V6 instead of the high-end V8.

The Raptor comes with a lot of breakthrough changes that are different than its 2015 model. The engine is now powered by Ford’s 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 EcoBoost. The engine has done through a lot of road tests to deliver its dependability.

For example, during the Detroit Auto Show, Ford said that the new engine will will exceed the 411 horsepower and 434 pound-feet that the previous model produces. There doesn’t seem to be a need for V8 engines anymore on a truck that’s using mostly aluminum in an effort to drop 500 pounds of its weight. But just because there are aluminum parts on this truck, it doesn’t mean it’s not tough. It’s a beast.

FOX News reports that the 2017 Ford Raptor using a “new four-wheel-drive system that features an electronic terrain management system with six settings ranging from street to sand, and an available front Torsen differential for added rock-crawling capability.” The fenders also come with new technology that’s more resistant to dings and scrapes because it’s made from sheet-molded composite. This sets it apart of other F-150s.

“Along with its custom parts, the Raptor will offer all of the new technology and amenities available introduced with the new F-150, including adaptive radar cruise control and a 360-degree camera system that should be just as helpful navigating a tight canyon road as it is at the mall parking lot,” Fox News said.

This is a truck built tough, with a super V6 engine to save gas. Fuel efficiency speaks all over this new Ford Raptor. This comes at a time when gas prices are low today, but will eventually double in the future.

We’ve seen fuel-efficient cars, but squeezing more gas mileage out of a truck has been a big challenge for the automakers. Ford has been the only one to focus on reducing weight and building a powerful engine that saves gas. But, the truck has to perform tough, especially its towing capacity.

“When we created the first Raptor, we set out to prove vehicle performance isn’t just measured on the street or at the track — off-road can be even more fun,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “The original Raptor, plus enhancements on the all-new F-150 set the bar for us to make the all-new Raptor better in every way.”

The all new 2017 Ford Raptor features a 10-speed transmission; advanced LED lighting, and camera technology for improved visibility day or night. The latest model is redesigned with more suspension travel and all-new terrain management technology. It’s already been tested in the Mojave Desert to mud, sand and snow.

The truck delivers a lot, but more information will be available in a few months. The 2017 Raptor definitely stood out at the Detroit Auto Show. It looks sporty and a big update to the Ford truck-line.

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