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4 Rules for Workplace Friendships - According to a few studies that are based on workplace collaboration tools, most people have no trouble having friendships on the job, but there are 4 set of rules that you should follow. You’ve always heard the term, “never date at work,” and that is a big no-no if you don’t want trouble following you at your job. The best thing to do, if or when possible, is to leave the workplace with a clean slate because it can become your life on your time off.

There’s an interesting article in Men’s Health magazine about a recent study of 820 working adults — most of them who were married with children — people lacking social support at work were 2.4 times more likely to die in the next 20 years than their more-social counterparts.

With that being said, here are the 4 rules:

  • 1. Don’t Take Advantage, and Don’t Be Taken Advantage of - Random acts of kindness don’t just boost others’ moods — they can boosts your mood as well. Caution: Make sure they reciprocate — is he or she appreciative of the hour you’re spending proofing for him?
  • 2. Share with Caution - While the workplace is a natural place to meet friends, work means work, and you never know when personal ties will go out the window. Especially if you or your friend is in a supervisory role. Ouch!
  • 3. Don’t Discuss the Big Guy - Blowing off steam about your boss’ nitpicky ways to the guy next to you? It can easily float right into a decision-maker’s office. Instead of blasting your boss to a coworker, call your significant other on a break and talk to them.
  • 4. Coworkers - Don’t bash coworkers behind closed doors — it can destroy relationships, and mark you as someone who can’t be trusted.

Even after accounting for heart disease, high cholesterol, and other issues, researchers found that social support on its own was related to death. Why? The study suggests a low level of social support at work can increase our body’s stress response and lead to difficulties sleeping, and a hard time recovering from stressful situations.

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