Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Interview Mistakes - There are several mistakes to avoid when conducting a job interview with a new potential employer. You can have a flawless cover letter and resume, but it’s the face-to-face meeting that will determine the big decision. Try to attend the meeting with a positive attitude and always smile.

A big part of a successful interview is avoiding simple mistakes. Mistakes are deadly to the job seeker and easy to avoid if you are prepared. Always arrive early and never late.

Get directions from the interviewer or a map. Wear a watch, and leave home early. If the worst happens, and you cannot make it on time, call the interviewer, and arrange to reschedule.

Try to dress nicely. You make your greatest impact on the interviewer in the first 17 seconds, an impression you want to make powerfully positive. Dress right in a conservative suit, subdued colors, little jewelry, low heels, and everything clean and neat.

Hygiene includes combed hair, brushed teeth, deodorant and low-key scent. Check everything the night before, again, before walking out the door, and once again in the restroom just before the interview. Don’t overdue it with cologne or perfume.

Never smoke or chew gum. If this interview is taking place at a restaurant, never drink alcohol, even if they do. It’s not professional and will not help you with the job.

The interview is not the time for research. Find out the company’s products and services, annual sales, structure, and other key information from the Internet, the public library, professional magazines, or from former employees. Show that you are interested in working for the prospective employer by demonstrating knowledge about the company.

Be honest about your most valuable strengths and weaknesses. Potential employers like this, especially if you can define these areas, but always turn them into positives.

Start with introducing yourself, and go all through an interview to saying good-bye. Write out any answers you have difficulty with, and practice until your delivery is smooth.

Try to connect yourself to the job being offered. The job description details the company’s needs. You connect your experiences, talents and your strengths to the description.

Finally, never bad-mouth anyone, especially a former employer. You may sound like a complainer. Also, try not to ask about compensation and benefits too soon. Wait for them to bring it up and then ask.

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