Julie Andrews Gaga Friend: Actress Finds a Friendship With Singer Following Tribute

Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga are friends following the pair’s appearance at last Sunday’s Oscars. Julie Andrews and the singer performed a tribute to The Sound of Music, according to Star Pulse. The actress spoke with People magazine after she and the singer received a standing ovation after their performance.

“I was deeply honored by the Academy’s lovely tribute to The Sound of Music, and especially touched by Lady Gaga’s wonderful performance…I have always been a fan, but last night we bonded and now I have a new friend.”

The performance prompted interactions by 214,000 people per minute globally on Facebook, and 154,000 people per minute in the U.S. Among the stars who gave a thumbs up to the segment were Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kate Upton and Broadway’s own Bette Midler, who shared her approval on Twitter.

Other special Oscar moments which created a buzz on social media included Graham Moore’s moving acceptance speech upon winning best adapted screenplay Oscars for The Imitation Game, and Alejandro G. Inarritu’s comments over Michael Keaton’s undies being his good luck charm.

Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga are on the road to becoming friends. The Sound of Music star was floored by the singer’s amazing 50th anniversary tribute to the movie, according to the Inquisitr. But at the same time, the actress has always been a fan.

Lady Gaga received another thunderous standing ovation following a medley performance of “The Hills Are Alive,” “My Favorite Things” and “Climb Every Mountain.”

Andrews said that Gaga’s singing “warmed her heart” and expressed gratitude for the experience of working on the beloved musical 50 years ago: “How lucky can a girl get?”

Gaga’s performance became one of the most talked-about moments of the Oscars on social media. It also inadvertently caused a second stir on Monday, when a local Cleveland news anchor regrettably referred to Gaga’s “jigaboo music” live on the air and her inadvertent racial slur became a viral sensation on Facebook. But if that’s the ugliest thing to come out of The Sound of Music commemoration, the Gaga-Andrews lovefest is the best.

Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga are talented friends that could easily do a project together in the future, notes the Huffington Post. Gaga has always wanted to be in the movies. The Oscars, produced by Zadan and Meron, was also televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.

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