Curtis Eidam wore a chastity belt during a DUI stop

Chastity Belt Discovered On Man During DUI Stop

A chastity belt turned bizarre during a DUI stop as officers suspected there was more going on than met the eye. When Curtis Scott Eidam, 35, was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving at a sobriety checkpoint last month, his wardrobe immediately grabbed attention, an official said.

He was wearing “some kind of red mesh see-through hose” with a ribbon tied in his goatee, said Investigator Bobby Joe Higgs of the Anderson County District Attorney General’s office.

Capping Eidam’s outfit: “He had on some kind of little skirt,” Higgs said.

Others familiar with the May 14 stop called the garment a tutu.

Eidam made a disclosure once in custody, according to the arrest warrant filed by Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Dennis Smith — he needed a key.

Eidam told officers he was wearing what he called a locked chastity belt, and it was “attached to his penis,” the warrant states.

One key was on his key chain, the suspect said, and the other on a necklace around his passenger’s neck. That 44-year-old woman, described as “highly intoxicated” in the trooper’s warrant, wasn’t charged.

One of the two keys was retrieved by another officer and given to Anderson County jail personnel, according to court records.

Eidam is charged with DUI and possession of a handgun while under the influence. He is scheduled to appear in Anderson County General Sessions Court on July 12.

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