Head Stuck Washing Machine

Head Stuck In Washing Machine After Man Tried Fixing Drum

A man’s head was stuck in a washing machine for several hours in China. Emergency workers used a chainsaw to free the man in the Fuqing City, in east China’s Fujian province.

Photos and footage from the scene showed the man’s body sticking out from the drum as crews worked to release his trapped head. The man got stuck while reportedly trying to repair the drum.

Firefighters called to the scene carefully separated the stainless steel frames from the drum, releasing the man after half an hour’s effort. It took the fire crew 40 minutes to free him.

The man’s roommates called police after they failed to pull him out of the washing machine. The firemen had to cut the washing machine apart to release the man and his head.

He was covered during parts of the rescue to stop him getting burned from sparks as the washing machine was cut open. He suffered only minor head injuries in the accident.

To make sure he had adequate oxygen supply, the firemen first forcibly separated the drum from the washing machine frame, and then carefully broke it while the man’s head was still inside. The man was found to be in good shape after a physical check-up.

It’s not the first time Chinese firefighters have rescued people who’ve got themselves in a tight spot. In April, firefighters freed a three-year-old boy who got his head stuck in a sunroof and last year a woman got trapped between two walls while trying to retrieve something she dropped.

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