Donald Trump Plot To Help Hillary Clinton Win White House

Donald Trump Plot To Help Hillary Clinton Win White House

Donald Trump may be part of a plot to help Hillary Clinton win the White House, according to conspiracy theorists. The plot has been mentioned numerous times and has been the focus of several debates.

For several decades, Trump has been an outspoken Democrat and has always opposed Republicans, until recently. The real estate tycoon was seen talking against the Obama administration on FOX News as early as 2008. But there are reports that he continued to donate to Democrats.

Donald Trump has switched political parties about five times since the 1980’s. He registered for the first time in New York as a Republican in July 1987, only to change again about a decade later for the Independence Party in 1999, according to the New York City Board of Elections.

In August 2001, Trump enrolled as a Democrat. Eight years later, he returned to the Republican Party. But he left the party again, and in December 2011 marked a box that indicated, “I do not wish to enroll in a party.” Since then, he’s been outspoken on his wish to run as an Independent if he did not receive the Republican nomination.

Hillary Clinton has been friends with Trump for decades as they attended weddings, charities, and other events together. But did you know that she used to be a Republican?

Growing up in Illinois with a conservative father, she was an active young Republican. During her first year of college she was even elected president of the Wellesley Young Republicans Club.

But despite starting college on the right-hand side of politics, Clinton left a few years later as an “anti-war Democrat whose public rebuke of a Republican senator in a graduation won her notice in Life Magazine as a voice for her generation.” Since then, she’s been a die-hard Democrat and a central figure in American politics since her husband Bill became Governor of Arkansas in 1978.

Now, back to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s relationship. She denies ever bring a friend of Donald, but he says otherwise. There are pictures of them together at weddings and charities, but is that enough to say there was a plot to put Hillary into the White House?

Did Trump’s controversial campaign sabotage the GOP and destroy any chance of another Republican to run against Clinton?

The truth is, the Republican party had problems before Trump. The GOP can’t seem to find the right candidate to win against the Democrats. Remember John McCain? How about two-time Mitt Romney?

And with Jeb Bush joining the stage, Trump stood out and spoke to a certain audience that appears to be upset with the country.

Most people don’t think Trump and Clinton are smart enough to plan a plot for her to win the White House. Trump speaks his mind too much, and Clinton is backed by most billionaires in the country. This is the year for the Democrats, not the Republicans. It’s been that way since 2008.

Trump and Clinton are just two politicians of many who have known each other through mutual friends or charities. The conspiracy theorists want people to believe that this is a plot. Could they plan such a complicated task to destroy the GOP base to boost Clinton’s favor? It’s definitely a good debate.

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