Bin Laden Home For Sale As Bricks

One man is looking forward to cashing in on the anniversary of the death of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden by putting items found in the Abbottabad, Pakistan home for sale, including the bricks that made up the walls of the compound.

Soon after the SEAL Team Six raids on the compound within Pakistan’s borders, where Pakistan for years was supposedly actively helping the U.S. to find bin Laden, it became a symbol of embarrassment to the country’s government, so it was ordered to be demolished.

Shakeel Ahmed, the man who was responsible for dismantling the compound, is selling off the debris that is now sitting in his salvage yard that he took from the property.

Ahmed claims that his business has become a tourist attrition with visitors wanting to buy a souvenir from the compound such as just one of the 180,000 bricks he says he pulled from the compound.

Ahmed says that he won the bid of demolishing the compound after he offered to do it for 500,000 rupees and the lack of other bids being submitted due to fears of any consequences that may come with being the one who tore down the compound.

Fears that he also admits concerns him.

“My family is very worried that my life is now in danger,” he said. “Now, I always travel with a bodyguard,” incase, he has attracted the attention of Islamist militants he explains.

Either way he is now willing to sell a single brick from the compound to anyone who wants one for 1,000 rupees each. Other items he has for sale include olive trees, two baths and a makeshift TV antenna.

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