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Latest news on Science with a variety of breaking news headlines for Friday, March 4, 2016.

Galaxy Radio Burst Galaxy Radio Burst Becomes Most Puzzling Astronomical Discoveries Of Past Decade

Galaxy radio bursts has become of the most puzzling astronomical discoveries of the past decade. Astronomers still don’t know what’s producing the brief, powerful radio waves they’ve been detecting, but for the first time, they’ve been able to see where […]

3,400 Year Old Figurine 3,400-Year-Old Figurine Found By Boy After Removing Rock During Trip With Friends

A 3,400-year-old figurine was discovered by a boy on a trip with friends. The ancient figurine was found after the boy moved a rock while ambling around the Canaanite archaeological site of Tel Rehov, according to FOX News. Cleaning off […]

Coral Reef Die-Off Coral Reef Die-Off On Record Announced By NOAA Scientists, Caused By Sudden Global Warming

The longest coral reef die-off on record was announced by NOAA scientists. On Friday, they will speak about the reefs in a speech about global warming and the current intense El Nino, which has caused a global bleaching event. The […]

California Condor Milestone California Condor Milestone: North America’s Biggest Bird Set To Return To Wild For First Time In Years

A California condor milestone is about to help North America’s largest bird return to the wild. It’s from a condor breeding program by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that’s been going on for decades, according to WSB-TV Atlanta. Officials […]

Pacific Seahorse Pacific Seahorse May Be From Warmer El Nino Conditions Off Long Beach Coastline

A Pacific seahorse was seen off the Long Beach, California coastline this week. The unexpected seahorse may be from the warm El Nino waters that was caught on camera, recorded by diver roger Hanson, in about 4 feet of water […]

Gastornis Bird Arctic Gastornis Bird Arctic: Ellesmere Island Fossil Bone Of Gastornis Points To Evidence From 53 Millions Years Ago

A giant Gastornis bird in the Arctic wandered about some 53 millions years ago. The bird evidence is from a single fossil toe bone of the six-foot tall, weighing several-hundred-pounds, and a head the size of a horse, according to […]

Albatross Wisdom 40th Chick Albatross Wisdom 40th Chick: World’s Oldest Bird, 65, Hatches Chick

A Layman albatross named Wisdom has hatched her 40th chick. Wisdom is the world’s oldest banded bird, at least 65 years old, as she welcomed Kukini into the world on Feb. 1, according to The Christian Science Monitor. Researchers first […]

Fusion Reactor 90 Million Degrees Fusion Reactor 90 Million Degrees: China Sets Major Milestone By Shooting Plasma

A fusion reactor, 90 million degrees hotter than the core of our Sun, sets a major milestone in China. The reactor experiment heated plasma blast that sustained the state for over 100 seconds, according to Popular Mechanics. The fusion reactor […]

Lyme Disease Lyme Disease: Bacteria Dubbed Borrelia Mayonii Causing Horrible Lyme Illness Symptoms

Lyme disease can now spread by a second bacteria called Borrelia mayonii. The disease symptoms can become even nastier than its predecessor and infects people bitten by the black-legged deer tick, according to Bangor Daily News. Until now, scientists thought […]

Shark Attack Record Shark Attack Record Climbs To Unprecedented Number Than Prior Years

The shark attack record climbs to 98 incidents worldwide, with 26 more than the previous year. The attack number was 40 more than the figure form one decade prior in 2015 with six deaths, according to RT. The International Shark […]

European Honeybee Virus European Honeybee Virus Spreading Through Travel Effecting Populations Worldwide

A European honeybee virus is spreading through transportation as pollination appears to be driving the pandemic. The virus is so deadly that it now threatens bees worldwide, according to The Daily Mail. UK researchers from the University of Exeter have […]

Zebra Stripes Zebra Stripes: Paper Ends Controversy In Reason For Animal Stripes Against Wildlife

Zebra stripes has prompted heated debates between revered scientists for over 100 years. The common consensus that zebra stripes are used as camouflage to protect them from predators has been refuted in a new study, according to Voice of America. […]

Trumpler 14 Hubble Trumpler 14 Hubble Telescope Discovery Reveals Dazzling Space of Sparkling Diamonds

Trumpler 14’s Hubble Telescope discovery has revealed a dazzling cluster of cosmic jewelry. Hubble located the star cluster nearly 8,000 light-years away and includes some of the brightest concentrations of stars in the Milky Way, according to The Christian Science […]