Human Skull Hollywood Sign

Human Skull Hollywood Sign Leads LAPD On Murder Mystery

A very old human skull has been found at the Hollywood sign by two hikers during a weekend outing that turned into a murder mystery for the Los Angeles Police Department, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution.

They made the discovery Saturday afternoon while taking a detour on a remote section of the Bronson Canyon trail in Griffith Park.

Authorities believe the skull, found about 400 feet from the iconic sign, had been there for years.

“It’s obviously been there for a long time,” said LAPD Sgt. Frank Gonzalez.

A coroner was analyzing the skull to determine the deceased’s age and gender.

It’s not the first head to turn up near the sign. In 2012, the head of Hervey Medellin, 66, was found in a plastic bag. His hand and feet were nearby.

His live-in boyfriend, Gabriel Campos-Martinez, 38, was convicted of his murder last October and is serving 25 years to life in prison.

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