Sony Walkman Mobile Phone Named Idou

The new Sony walkman mobile phone is called the Idou. It offers a complete communication and entertainment package with music, imaging, gaming, content services, and applications.

Sony Ericsson Idou and Entertainment Unlimited are new integrated products for consumers. The package includes music, imaging, gaming, content services, and applications. The new walkman mobile phone which has the most complete communication entertainment package to date.

“Everything that we have done to date has brought us to this point – we created the music phone category in 2005 selling over 100 million Walkman phones and we are now ready to unveil the next chapter in the evolution of the company – Entertainment Unlimited – giving consumers unlimited opportunities to share their entertainment experiences,” Lennard Hoornik, Head of Global Marketing and Vice President at Sony Ericsson, said in a statement.

The company has been planning the share experience idea since its joint venture in 2001 when it dubbed its entertainment projects as Fusing communication. It is a service that offers unlimited sharing opportunities while providing entertainment experiences through Sony Ericsson’s Play Now package. The bundled package also integrates messaging and share services that will be used with its new Idou walkman phone.

“Entertainment Unlimited is at the core of Sony Ericsson’s philosophy, building on the strength of our great entertainment assets such as Walkman and Cyber-shot phones and our unique service and applications integration,” Sony Ericsson President Dick Komiyama said in a statement.

Sony Idou is a Walkman mobile phone which includes similar features from both the iPhone and iPod.

While the new phone might seem like an Apple Inc iPhone, it is more focused on the entertainment value. The walkman phone is better described as an iPhone and iPod combined, but doesn’t quite measure up to some of the mobile phone features found in the device. The Idou is better described as an iPod, or Microsoft Corp Zune, that can make phone calls.

Idou was called the W995 Walkman before it was properly named last week. Sony Ericsson better describes the device as a full integration of a mobile phone and entertainment content through TV, PC and Hifi systems.

Will consumers buy an intergrated walkman phone?

The real question is, will the new mobile phone and walkman capabilities sell to the consumer? The phone offers some advancements that other phones don’t offer including the ability to talk through pictures while sharing the experiences with family or friends. The camera with a 12.1 megapixel, Xenon flash, and unique touch features which are very intuitive.

The touch features come complete with a full-touch media menu which lets users navigate to areas such as their favorites and saved images. Moreover, users can watch movies and TV-series on its 16:9 wide screen format. The features are definitely one of the most advanced for this category.

The Sony Ericsson Idou walkman phone will be available this summer.

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