Cruise Ships Are The Cheapest Way To Travel The World

Cruise Ships Are The Cheapest Way To Travel The World

Cruise ships are actually the cheapest way to travel the world because your lodging, food, and entertainment are all included. Most people know at least one person that shares their amazement with cruising on these large ships. They are resorts on water and will take you places that you’ve never seen before.

Two people can cruise the Caribbean for seven days for less than $1,000. And, some cruise lines are offering a free drinking package and onboard credit of up to $500, depending on what cabin you buy.

I recently went on a trip from Tampa, Florida that included stops at Cozumel, Mexico and the Grand Cayman Islands. This was a five-day cruise that included all meals, live entertainment, daily cleaning in my stateroom, and several other priceless accommodations.

I ordered coffee and breakfast to my room each morning and enjoyed it on my own balcony with a view. Each day offered a different scenery. A person can eat at the ship’s buffet or dining room.

In Cozumel, I paid $30 for a shore excursion that took me snorkeling from a catamaran. Then, on the way back to port, they gave away margaritas and food. It was a very relaxing day filled with adventure and plenty of sun.

When the ship docked in the Grand Caymans, I paid $25 for a shore excursion to take me around the island. I learned all about the locals and the culture. Of course, I also saw plenty of banks. I then went to Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville where I had lunch and sampled several drinks.

The cruises also offer “sea days,” when the ship doesn’t dock. These days are filled with daily activities that are found throughout the ship to keep cruise passengers occupied.

If you are thinking about a vacation, explore something by going on a cruise ship. They offer great destinations and throughout the world. Cruises are also good for the entire family to enjoy.

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