Balloon Boy Family Florida Bound

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
09/05/2010 10:53 AM ET

Balloon Boy family Florida bound. Look out Florida, the Balloon Boy family has moved from Colorado to the sunshine state. Falcon and the of balloon hoaxes are now living in Bradenton, Florida.

Boy Falcon, who mysteriously disappeared during a balloon ride in Colorado, is residing in Florida. Richard and Mayumi Heene also had their probation transferred to sunshine state. In addition, the terms of their probation include making regular monthly payments toward $48,000 in restitution.

Richard Heene is now a felon. He pleaded guilty to charges related to the hoax that had the entire world focused on the balloon horror. On Friday, he had his mug shoot and fingerprints taken. This is required of all felons living in Florida.

The family will be living east of Bradenton in the Lakewood Ranch area, where Richard will be working as a general contractor. Last October, the nation watched in shock as a makeshift balloon flew through the clouds. It was believed, Falcon, a young boy was stranded inside. However, it was all a horrible hoax set up by the young childs parents. Hours later he was found hiding inside the family's garage.

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