​Rezvani Beast Boasts 60 MPH in 2.9 Secs

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
May, 6, 2014 | 11:38 AM

Rezvani Motors has unveiled the Beast sports car with innovative bodywork and a powerful 315 hp engine that’s a supercharged four-cylinder. The Beast can go 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds flat.

The California startup company says the car weighs only 1,500 pounds and comes as a two-seater. The automaker also has a 500 hp version with a supercharged turbo engine that can do 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, faster than a Porsche 911 turbo. The vehicle boasts its sleek design and credits its carbon fiber bodywork that seems to be out of this world.

Only a few cars, such as the Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R, accelerate faster than this bantamweight.

Even the milder version, the supercharged Beast 300, is ridiculously quick. With 315-horsepower, along with an even lighter 1,470 lb. curb-weight, this ‘entry-level’ model could humiliate many Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Aston Martins.

Carbon fiber body panels are affixed to the Ariel Atom’s tubular frame, and Alcon competition-spec brakes are tucked neatly behind each 19-inch PUR alloy wheel. A stout roll-cage is there, should things go really wrong. A six-speed manual is the only transmission available.

The low-volume vehicle is sold primarily as a track car, but can be made street legal under kit car or specialty construction vehicle rules that vary state to state.

And if you have the money, prices start at $119,000 for the 315 hp version, and $139,000 for the 500 hp model, but existing Atom owners can have theirs updated for $49G and $69G, respectively.

The first two cars of each model will also be sold for the early bird special prices of $99,500 and $124,900, so you’ll need to be as quick as the car if you want a deal.

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