​Justin Bieber Cuts Disneyland Lines Using Wheelchair At Theme-Park

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July 23, 2014

Justin Bieber was photographed at Disneyland to cut the lines. This is an interesting way for Bieber to be wheeled to the front at the amusement rides. The “Boyfriend” singer looked great in his new ride since he allowed someone else to do the driving.

Disneyland allows people to skip the waiting crowds if they are disabled. However, we know that he isn’t handicapped. So why was he riding in a wheelchair?

“Of course, the immediate reaction online was that Justin was a line scofflaw,” TMZ reports. “Justin’s camp tells TMZ that wasn’t the case. We’re told Bieber was nursing a knee injury from basketball and only sat in the wheelchair to rest for a few moments,” the site said. Here’s a guy that performs many stunts on stage and he gets a basketball injury? Well, sources say he only used the chair for a couple of minutes.

Representatives say that he wouldn’t ever need to use such a way to bypass the crowds to enter the rides. The Disney park already has a program for celebrities that allow them to be escorted to the front. This policy is used to keep large crowns from forming, which can raise safety issues.

The wheelchair photos of Justin Bieber at Disneyland cutting the lines with smiling fans went viral in a matter of minutes. There is certainly a lot of upset critics who are still questioning the chair. Some people wonder why he went to the park if he was suffering from an injury.

One of the photos, which featured the fedora-wearing singer posing with a fan while he was seated in a wheelchair, went viral, causing outrage amongst Justin’s fans and critics because he cut the lines.

“This is turning into a potential scandal, but no one knows what’s happening,” E! News’ Ken Baker told Ryan Seacrest on his radio program on Tuesday morning. Baker says the singer was accompanied with friends a few members of his family. They went on a bunch of rides, but Bieber remained in the wheelchair the whole time.

The Justin Bieber Disneyland photos do show him cutting the lines, but there are some conflicting reports. One source said he only used the chair for a few minutes, while another source claims he sat in it during his time at the park. Perhaps this is only an issue because of the singer’s history.