Selma Blair Loses Cool On Plane, Removed From Flight On Stretcher

Selma Blair Loses Cool On Plane, Removed From Flight On Stretcher

Actress Selma Blair was removed from a Delta flight from Cancun, Mexico and hospitalized after a bizarre incident on board a plane bound for Los Angeles.

The “Hellboy” star was taken off the plane on a stretcher after reportedly losing her cool during the trip and raging about an unseen foe.

Reports suggest Blair may have suffered a reaction to medication she was taking while seated in the first class section of the plane. Upon landing, medical staff boarded the aircraft and helped the actress off the plane. Selma was then taken to a nearby hospital.

The incident comes just days after the “Cruel Intentions” star opened up about the challenges of being a single mother to her son Arthur Saint - from her relationship with fashion designer ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick.

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“Being a single mum, at first it’s a very challenging thing,” she told People magazine, “but to have that much time with him, just the two of us, has been an incredible life-changing experience.”

Selma was 39 when she gave birth, and while she acknowledges it was quite late in life to have a first child, she wouldn’t have had things any other way.

“I’ve had a whole life to live and realize the grass isn’t always greener,” she said. “I just need more sleep, but I do appreciate every moment.”

The actress was on vacation in Cancun with her four-year-old son and his father Bleick. Photos of the star on the beach in a white bikini hit the Internet over the weekend

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