​Selma Blair Going Bald From ‘Post-Partum’ Son Arthur Hair Loss

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Jun. 21, 2016

Selma Blair has been blatantly honest on details of motherhood and has now opened up about her post-partum hair loss, claiming that she’s going to go bald.

“This is so not glamorous, but it’s true,” she told People magazine. “I need to take longer showers so that I can collect the hair that falls out and throw it away so I don’t clog the drain. Why do actresses never talk about that?”

Post-pregnancy hair loss is normal and occurs when pregnancy hormones, which tend to make hair thicker, return to normal levels. It may take up to a year for a new mother’s hair to return to its normal state.

Blair welcomed her first child, son Arthur Saint Bleick with her boyfriend Jason Bleick on July 25.

“It just started falling out at the three-month mark,” the 39-year-old actress continued. “And I’m not a girl who likes extensions, so Selma’s going to be bald!”

Blair and Bleick, a fashion designer, met while the two were collaborating on his EVER fashion line. Blair announced her pregnancy back in January.

Even though she wasn’t happy about the hair loss, Blair was excited that her son could finally hang out in a bouncy chair.

“He rolls over now and he got a bouncy toy! It’s like the biggest moment of your life: ‘Oh my gosh, I get 10 minutes free now!'” Blair told People. “Before, he had a play mat, Mommy or Daddy or now a nanny that comes for a few hours in the daytime, to hold him. But now, autonomy! He got a Fisher-Price Jumperoo — I wish I had one for every room!”

Six weeks after giving birth, Blair told reporters that she hadn’t lost a single pound since welcoming her son Arthur.

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