1 in 22 African Americans HIV – Risk 1 In 52 For Hispanics, 1 In 170 For Whites

CDC reports 1 in 22 African Americans will be diagnosed with the AIDS virus in their lifetime. The African HIV statistics points to 1 in 22 black Americans will have the AIDS virus. HIV risk is 1 in 52 for Hispanics, 1 in 170 for whites, Asians about 1 in 222.

African Americans have more than twice the risk for Hispanics and eight times that of whites. Asians had the lowest statistics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t release details on the reasons why HIV rates are higher among African Americans.

The estimates are based on 2007 death certificates, population figures and HIV surveillance data from 37 states and Puerto Rico. They updated similar calculations reported two years ago. To date, over 230,000 African Americans have died of AIDS.

There are more than 1 million people living with HIV in the United States today, about half are black. And yet, as a racial group, African Americans represent just 12 percent of the US population. Washington D.C. has the nation’s highest district HIV prevalence (3 percent), 76 percent of those infected are African American.

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