Samsung Galaxy S8 Confirmed: Upcoming Smartphone to Rival iPhone 7

Samsung and Apple have dominated the smartphone market in recent years as each company has been accusing the other of stealing features. And, it has even reached the United States Supreme Court.

Well, that does not seem to stop the companies from continuing to copy off of each other as the recent Galaxy S8 rumors are saying that Samsung could get several features from Apple’s iPhone 7.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next big flagship smartphone from the South Korean electronics giant. It has high hopes for the Galaxy S8, particularly as the company tries to rebuild its name after the ugly Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

It appears that Samsung is taking a few things from Apple’s playbook for the Galaxy S8. This comes after recent Galaxy S8 rumors have suggested that the upcoming smartphone will have several iPhone 7 features, as reported by BGR.


This is certainly not something new in the smartphone world as copying from the industry leader is almost the norm. Still, it is very interesting just how Samsung will spin the very obvious fact that it is getting several great features from Apple’s iPhone 7.

The BGR report cites that among the features that are rumored to be present in the Galaxy S8. It mentions that these are the dual-lens camera feature and the pressure sensitive display.

The dual-lens camera was certainly not introduced by Apple’s iPhone 7 as other smartphones such as the Huawei P9 have had the feature. Still, many insiders will be connecting the dots that after Apple introduced the dual-lens camera in its iPhone 7 Plus Samsung is making the same move as well.

The storage option of the Galaxy S8 could follow the trend started by the iPhone 7 too. Apple’s latest flagship was released with a storage option of 256 GB. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to be releasing the same option too which will surely be great news for Samsung fans. So, do you think the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be better than Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. Source: Thebitbag