Dr. Oz Cancer Scare After Routine Colonoscopy

Dr. Oz Cancer Scare After Routine Colonoscopy

By: Staff
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Published: Sep 6, 2010

Dr. Oz cancer scare was enough to take routine check-ups more serious.

Dr. Oz cancer scare after routine colonoscopy. Dr. Oz got a cancer scare after his physician found an adenomatous polyp. Dr. Oz explains how important it is to have regular check-ups to prevent cancer.

Cancer of the colon is a very serious matter, and Dr. Oz said it changed his life. It all started when he went in for a routine colonoscopy in June. His physician found an adenomatous polyp, or precancerous growth, inside his intestine.

The polyp could have turned into colon cancer, had it not been detected.Scared and shaken up, he explains "This was a shakeup for me," Dr. Oz said in a statement. "I have done everything right. I don't have any family history, and yet I'm high risk now." The 50-year-old doctor is always talking about good health and preventative care.

"There's a lot of tension," he said. "It's frustrating. Why did this happen to me? It forces you to question the assumptions you make about life." He adds that the test probably "saved my life."