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Moon Shrinking, Lunar Radius Contracting

Moon shrinking, lunar radius contracting. The radius of the moon is contracting by colder temperatures that is causing the shrinking.

NASA: 2 New Planets Discovered by Kepler

NASA: 2 new planets discovered by Kepler. The 2 new Saturn-sized planets were discovered by NASA's Kepler space telescope.

Alien Solar System Aims New Space Frontier

Alien solar system aims new space frontier. Astronomers found a solar system with nine alien planets that could determine life in space.

Alien Solar System Found With Planets

Alien solar system found with planets. Astronomers reveal that they found a solar system with up to seven alien planets circling a star.

Moon Shrinking From Colder Temperatures

Moon shrinking from colder temperatures. NASA claims that shrinking of the moon is a fact, because of cooling and contractions.

Star Gazer Host Dies, Jack Horkheimer Dead At 72

Star Gazer host dies, Jack Horkheimer Dead At 72. Jack Horkheimer was the host of Public Television's Star Gazer for several decades.

Solar Storms 2012, Next Major Sun Blast

Solar storms 2012, next major sun blast. In 2012, the solar system will get a blast of storms with extreme radiation from the sun.

Mars Voyage Muscles - NASA Astronauts To Red Planet

Mars Voyage muscles - NASA astronauts to Red Planet. Astronauts heading to the Mars may lose up to half of their power in key muscles during their voyage.

Solar Storms 2012 Are Coming, NASA Claims

Solar storms 2012 are coming, NASA claims. Solar storms, once a century, but the 2012 once could knock power grids like it did in 1859 and 1921.

Lawrence E. Joseph and Apocalypse 2012

Lawrence E. Joseph and Apocalypse 2012. Just maybe Lawrence E. Joseph was right, because NASA might be hinting an Apocalypse 2012.
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