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Latest Hybrid SUVs News Updates

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Ford Provides Lifeguards With Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs

Ford Motor Company has helped lifeguards in more than 9,000 rescues by using the 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. Ford has recognized that its Ford Escape has been a great utility vehicle that can save lives while reducing carbon emissions.
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Toyota Highlander Monitors Hybrid Fuel Consumption

Toyota Motor Corporation built one of the best hybrid vehicles on the market known as the Toyota Highlander. Toyota offers an ECON indicator light that will provide the driver with guidance to reduce fuel consumption on the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.
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Toyota Highlander Hybrid Interior Delivers Quality

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid interior is upscale and has a very attractive design. This Toyota Hybrid SUV has various controls that are easy to spot including a 3.5-inch screen that displays climate control information and a rear backup camera.
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Ford Escape SUV Hybird Test Drive With Overall Review

The Ford Escape SUV surprised us all during the test drive and the faster acceleration really helped with our review. The Ford Hybrid vehicle can run on electric power at speeds up to 30 mph.
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Toyota Offers Powerful Toyota Highlander SUV Hybrid

The Toyota Highlander is one of the best hybrid SUVs on the market for 2009. Highlander is equipped with the latest Hybrid Synergy Drive system to deliver a powerful high torque electric drive.
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Ford Develops Ford Escape SUV Plug-In Hybrid To Deliver 120 MPG

Ford Motor Company has developed the first Ford Escape SUV Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) that delivers up to 120 miles per gallon. The Escape Plug-in Hybrid is one of the best fuel-efficient SUVs built as a research vehicle to use high voltage and lithium-ion batteries.
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Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV Offers Electric Mode

Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV comes with an automatic electric mode which is activated during certain driving conditions. The Highlander Hybrid SUV also features an acceleration mode to achieve maximum fuel economy.
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Ford Escape Hybrid 2010 Offers Great SUV Towing Capacity

The Ford Escape Hybrid offers excellent towing capacity for an SUV. When running on electric battery, the 2010 Ford Hybrid Escape can travel 40 miles per hour before the gasoline engine turns on.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Offers Midsize SUV Comfort

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a midsize SUV which can seat up to seven passengers including the driver. The Highlander is one of the best Toyota Hybrid vehicles.
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Hybrid SUVs Include Electric Solutions For Fuel Economy

Hybrid SUVs are growing in popularity as automakers develop new electric power solutions. Some SUVs can run entirely on battery at speeds up to 40 mph for better fuel economy.
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