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GM Plant To Build Fisker Hybrid Cars

GM has sold a Delaware plant to Fisker to build new hybrid cars. Fisker will use the GM factory to make and sell about 100,000 hybrid electric cars per year.
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2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Sales Soar

Sales for the new 2010 Toyota Prius are growing and indicate higher demands. The Prius Hybrid is the number one selling car since its release date and availability in Japan.
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Ford Wins 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Interior Award

Ford Motor Company has won an award for its 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid car. Ford Fusion won the Best Graphic Display award for the coolest dashboard interior which features SmartGauge and EcoGuide.
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2010 Toyota Prius Blends Best Parallel Hybrid

The 2010 Toyota Prius blends the best of parallel hybrid to achieve the ability to operate on electric power. This allows the Prius to charge its batteries while the car is running.
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Toyota Defines Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power Sources

The Toyota electric motor provides power to start the 2010 Prius Hybrid and for low-speed driving conditions. Toyota HEVs are known as hybrid electric vehicles that combine the benefits of two power sources.
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2010 Toyota Prius Service and Repair Costs

The 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid is still more cost effective than driving a conventional car. The Prius battery and other hybrid components are covered by a full Toyota warranty and service.

2010 Honda Insight Hybrid Features Equipped Interior

One of the great things on the 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid is the multi-information display. The Honda Hybrid can be equipped with the Satellite-Linked Navigation System with voice recognition.
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Ford Fusion Hybrid Still Moving Strong For 2010

One of the great features inside the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is its up-scale quality and soft materials. The Ford Hybrid vehicle has one of the largest trunks around for cargo space while still offering a hybrid tax credit.
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New Hybrid Cars Road Tests Seem Too Opinionated

New Hybrid Cars and vehicles are very exciting but some consumers are confused during comparisons. New cars and hybrid vehicles may seem similar in sizes and shape, but it's still all about fuel economy.
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Toyota Camry Hybrid Test Drive With Review

The Toyota Camry Hybrid was a comfortable ride during our test drive. Camry delivers impressive fuel economy and our review determined that it has the cleanest possible rating in terms of carbon emissions.
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