Human Baby Flesh Capsules Seized In South Korea

South Korean officials

South Korean officials have seized several thousand drug capsules that contained powdered human baby flesh, that were trying to be smuggled into the country from China, which promise to cure diseases.

Human Baby Flesh Capsules Seized In South Korea

North Korean solders, shown here, have seized thousands of capsules being imported from China

Reports suggest that the morbid act of manufacturing the drugs is taking place in Northeastern China, where the human bodies of dead babies are chopped up and then dried out on hot stoves, so they can be turned into a powder to fill the capsule.

The Chinese Ministry of Health denied that such capsules were being created in the country after an investigation last year found no proof. However, after South Korea state media reported the seizure of several thousands of the pills on Tuesday, the Chinese Ministry says they will launch another investigation in co-operation with Korean police and custom’s agents.

According to the report, the Korea Customs Service found the smuggled shipment on Monday, and that they have discovered 35 smuggling attempts of such pills since August of last year, totaling 17,450 pills titled ‘stamina boosters.’

Experts believe that the black market drugs are harmful contain deadly bacteria and other bad ingredients.

As of yet however, there have been no reports of anyone complaining of becoming sick after ingesting the flesh capsules.


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