Kimberly Hiatt Nurse

Kimberly Hiatt Nurse

The devastated Kimberly Hiatt nurse committed suicide after she accidentally gave a baby a fatal overdose of medication. Hiatt was totally destroyed as a nurse after she accidentally overdosed baby Kaia Zautner on September 14, 2010, with ten times too much medication at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Her error led to the unravelling of her life.

This caused not only the death of the eight-month-old child, but her dismissal, firing and then her suicide on April 3 at aged 50. She had been in the medical field for 24 years and had an unblemished record. The story of Kimberly Hiatt nurse is a sad one.

After she dispensed 1.4 grams of calcium chloride to the child instead of 140 milligrams, she immediately told nearby staff at the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital. Kim’s partner and co-parent of their two children Lyn Hiatt, 49, told MSNBC: “She was devastated, just devastated.” Records show that Hiatt had cared for Kaia Zautner many times since her birth, when the baby was brought to the hospital with severe heart problems.

Hiatt was close to the child’s family, who sought out her care, records show. She was Facebook friends with Alana Zautner, Kaia’s mother, hospital officials said. After her death, the baby’s parents Alana and Jared Zautner asked that Ms Hiatt not look after their child again but did not seek any legal action for her death, according to an investigation report by Cathie Rea, the hospital’s director of ICU. She wrote at the time: “Very calm and reasonable people – understandably upset,” but continued to say they “didn’t want us to cut off anyone’s head over this.”

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