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Latest news on Technology with a variety of breaking news headlines for Friday, March 4, 2016.

Samsung Dongle LTE Samsung Dongle LTE: Samsung Connect Auto Allows Internet Access Directly From OBD Port

The Samsung Dongle LTE provides a way for owners of older cars to add connectivity to their vehicles. The Samsung Connect Auto plugs into the car’s OBD II diagnostic port and acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting to the […]

Yahoo Lab Machine Learning Dataset Yahoo Lab Machine Learning Dataset To Inspire Research For Academic Communities

Yahoo Lab’s machine learning dataset will soon become the largest recommender systems in the world. Yahoo also wants to help bring more equality between the academic and industrial research communities, according to ZDNet. “Many academic researchers and data scientists don’t […]

ArcaBoard ArcaBoard: Engineer Company Creates ArcaBoard Levitating Hoverboard That Soars New Heights Through Air [Video]

ArcaBoard has created a levitating hoverboard for $19,900 with a video to prove it. While ArcaBoard is intriguing with its design and “Back to the Future” technology, it leaves a lot to be desired, according to BGR. Some say the […]

Navy Milwaukee Tow USS Milwaukee Gets Towed To Navy Port After Severe Mechanical Failure At Sea

The USS Milwaukee broke down at sea Friday and had to be towed back to a Navy shipyard in Virginia for repairs. The Navy’s new $362 million ship needed to be towed more than 40 nautical miles to a base […]

App Finds Missing Student App Finds Missing Student Injured Ne mar Railroad Ditch After Beating

An iPhone app finds a missing student who was injured near a railroad ditch in Atlanta. A man was found injured but alive by friends using a smartphone, according to ABC News. James “Jimmy” Hubert, a senior studying aerospace engineering, […]

China, U.S. Jet Fighter Designs Taken From Lockheed Headquarters

China denied stealing any U.S. jet fighter designs that were published in documents by former US National Security Agency intelligence contractor Edward Snowden. The top secret documents reportedly revealed that cyber spies stole key information about Australia’s new Joint Strike […]

Galaxy S5 Comes In Two Versions

Galaxy S5 will be Samsung’s official product name as it will offer a fingerprint scanner and 2K resolution display, it was confirmed on Jan. 31. However, this S5 information came in a thread of tweets from a well-known leaker. The […]

New iPad Leaked Photos Appear To Be Apple-Ready Units

There are leaked photos of a new Apple iPad published by a French website, which could be shipping in November 2013. It’s worth nothing that nothing has been confirmed by Apple. If the photo from the French tech site is […]

Internet Explorer Race To Fix Bug Amid Exploit

Internet Explorer has a serious bug that can allow hackers to take over a computer, and some security experts say to ditch the Microsoft web browser. The bug has been exploited by hackers to create a new type of attack. […]

Man Charged In Heartbleed Attack On Government Website

A man has been charged in a Heartbleed attack by exploiting the bug to steal taxpayer data from a government website, Canadian police said. This marks the first Heartbleed report of someone using the flaw in OpenSSL. The Canada Revenue […]

Yahoo Mail Users Hacked Through Software

Yahoo Mail users may have been hacked through cyber-attackers using malicious computer software to gain access to credentials, the company said on Jan. 30. All users are asked to reset their passwords immediately. The information comes from Jay Rossiter, Yahoo’s […]

Heartbleed Exposes Passwords, Credit Card Info

Heartbleed is an online security bug that could put millions of people at risk, including e-mails, passwords and credit card information on web servers that carry the flaw. Heartbleed is a problem in OpenSSL, an open-source encryption technology. The technology […]

Xbox password flaw discovered by 5 y/o boy

Xbox password flaw: A five-year-old boy has been thanked by Microsoft after work outing out a security vulnerability on the company’s Xbox Live service. What was the flaw? Kristoffer Von Hassel, from San Diego, figured out how to log in […]