Samsung S8 May Revolutionize Selfies In Galaxy Phone Device

Samsung may now be looking to revolutionize the selfie with its Galaxy S8 mobile phone. The device will feature an auto-focusing front camera, which would be a big first for the industry.

Samsung is integrating autofocus into its front-facing cameras due to the sheer popularity of selfies. The Galaxy S8’s front cam could sport what’s called an “AF actuator,” which would detect how close or far away a subject is and adjust the focus accordingly. That could mean sharper selfies, regardless of how far away you are or how many other people are in the shot.

Samsung is always pushing the camera tech in its phones, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the Galaxy S8 become the ultimate selfie-taker. The company’s Galaxy S7 Edge is currently our favorite camera phone thanks to its quick auto-focus and superb low-light performance, and utilizes a dual-pixel sensor that was previously exclusive to pricey DSLRs.

A beefed-up selfie cam could be one of many huge new features coming to Samsung’s next flagship. The Galaxy S8 is rumored to pack a 4K display, blazing new Qualcomm and Exynos processors and a fingerprint reader that’s built right into the screen. The phone might even feature two Siri-like virtual assistants, which would allow you to do things such as make mobile payments with your voice.

However, these exciting new features won’t mean much if the Galaxy S8 isn’t safe to use. After the now-infamous Galaxy Note 7 was recalled due to an exploding battery, there were several reports of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 catching fire in the hands of users. We could see Samsung’s new flagship as soon as this February during Mobile World Congress 2017, so here’s hoping those issues are ironed out by then.