Microsoft Surface Phone Revealed

Microsoft Surface Phone: 2 Mini Tablet Options For Windows

There’s been a lot of information being said about Microsoft’s latest

  • Surface Phone
  • Protos Display Size, processor, RAM, OS emerge from our sources. A bit of information about the latest Surface Phone photos emerge from our trusted sources yet again. There are more than one Surface Phone photos in testing at Microsoft and here is what we have learned.

    Surface Phone Specs & features:

    • The protos that we have information about run Snapdragon 835 and support Quick charging 4.0
    • Windows 10 Mobile architecture on them is already 64-Bit and one of them has 6 GB RAM
    • What is most interesting is the information that the one proto with 6 GB RAM can already run X86 apps in Continuum. We have heard a lot about Microsoft working on X86-on-ARM64 emulation and this may be one of the implementations. Sources however tell us that Protos can’t run X86 apps by themselves yet, but can install them. Once connected via Continuum you can run any X86 apps.
    • The earlier reported Laptop Accessory is still a thing and we hear Microsoft is seriously purusing the 3-in-1 form factor.
    • One of the Protos is said to have 4 GB RAM and still runs Snapdragon 835. It does have 64-Bit Windows 10 Mobile version but can’t run X86 apps in
    • Continuum. That may be just a version thing or Microsoft may be planing one consumer and one enterprise-oriented Surface Phone variant.
    • Display-size wise we hear both are said to have a 5.5-inch, QHD display, but this is just a guess having a look at the display and not actual measurement.

    Redstone 3 and Release Date:

    • Protos of-course run a Windows 10 Mobile version from different branch. Redstone 3 will be relatively much bigger update than Redstone 2. For Redstone 3 development cycle Windows team is prioritizing Mobile as Windows 10 development target.
    • Our sources have confirmed that Surface Phone launch is delayed now to late 2017. It will now come running Windows 10 Mobile focused Redstone 3 out of the box.

    This info comes from one of our trusted sources with good accuracy. But Companies have been known to launch different configurations than seen on protos in retail products. Also features vary with OS versions and final release OS version may or may not have all the features seen in protos.

    2 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Phone: 2 Mini Tablet Options For Windows

    1. adam allbright

      …..okay, Microsoft…..I have waited and waited for years now for “something’ (a large strong Windows os phone) that will make me happy…..being, r having been a loyal Microsoft or Windows phone customer. I started with HTC, this iPhone 4S then to Windows phones….5 now. Have had difficulties with them all. No apps and lacking the large size , accept for the 1520 (what a terrible and unfortunate marketing fumble) for a phone a head of its rivalries. Loved texting on this phone and when I down loaded Windows 10, which the increasing , uneducated and uninformed employees from on line , stores, phone, and now hard to understand and a ‘tech lacking’ with , sometimes , uncaring foreigners (online or phone) ; had told me it couldn’t be done. So, I bought cheaper inadequate W. phones in the mean time . When they had been promised to me they would update, (coming from ATT and Microsoft ) before I bought them…this became a problem, because, the lack of Apps that didn’t exists already, and included apps, now not working on crucial areas , like banking….boys , ,this made me mad….cause only updated apps for these needs where on the updated os for a “new ” Windows phone I didn’t have and my phone I did have , wouldn’t update. Man, have I been a loyal , fool, and I would buy a newer windows phone with updated os to get me by to receive the ‘damn’ app I needed, like the banks I used. The two of us in our home have used r bought 6 Windows phones. Damn, “iphones last forever and use new updates steadily for yrs. For a company, that has seemed to have cornered the market in so much of the computerized industry…Surface, Cloud (One Note) Office, you would have thought with this much man power, brain power and foresight; MS would have been able to plan their cell phone venture a “billion times’ better, especially in the Marketing and App acquiring segments of this mess, especially when they new they had an up hill battle, against ‘dug-in’ established “iphone’ and ‘droids” . It looks like the people at the top , making decisions from the beginning were dreaming or were totally , totally uninformed about the whole predicament and if not for either of these reasons: ”WHY DID YOU PUT SUCH LOYAL MS FANS AND CUSTOMERS (THAT HAD ALSO INDURED THE CRASHES AND VIRUS’S OF THE UPDATES TO WINDOWS PCS they had purchased over the many years) ; WHY DID YOU DARE PUT THEM THROUGH SO MUCH EMBEARISMENT AND HEARTAGE AND FINANCIAL LOSE???!!!” . ….I have just recenly bought the latest lumia 650, to avoid spending anymore money and to limp through to my last hope and investment…..the long , long awaited , and maybe not, SURFACE PHONE. MICROSOFT…I know you have heard all this before..and me never receive this letter or care (based on what I previously just wrote),but , this is the last straw. I have spent tons of uneeded funds on Windows phones and a hard drive, and I mother board, on a fairly new, hp envy ts. 27 inch , due to one virus attack after another after up dates…….. So, …that we can all be one happy family of customers, at least in the MS phone business…..I HOPE THIS ‘DIAL TONE’ I SENT YOU GETS TROUGH AND THE NEW , NEXT PHONE ‘CONNECTS” UP TO THE STANDARDS OF UP COMING NOTE 8 AND IPHONE 8 , or sadly I will have to say, I have finally “HUNG UP ‘ with Windows phones for ever and because of the lack of trust and concern, apparently…I will move to the Apple realm of informational tech machines of the future… ….adam .

    2. adam allbright

      ….I have to mention, I have a brain injury and take medications at night….and suffer from memory lose, some spelling , after dosing. So, anyway…..”I HOPE YOU CAN HEAR ME NOW” in my complaint. what a shame….such nice syncing between pc and phones and creative ‘start screens’…..never to ‘be heard’by the masses!!..


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