Microsoft Surface Phone features could be vaporware.

Microsoft Surface Phone 2 Enhances Smartphone Technology

The Microsoft Surface Phone may not meet all the hype it’s trying to become as it’s rumored to be arriving with some top-notch specs that could rival the other mainstream names. Despite that, it seems like this model will still fall short next to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series.

It’s reported that this upcoming device will be packing on a ClearBlack AMOLED display while running on Snapdragon 835. The Surface Phone is said to be boasting up to 6GB of RAM along with a 20MP rear-facing camera, with a Carl Zeiss lens, and a 8MP selfie snapper.

This device is also said to be coming with a one-of-a-kind fingerprint scanner. According to Market Exclusive, Microsoft has already filed a patent for a fingerprint embedded into its screen. Aside that, this model will be featuring a 3.5mm audio jack right next to a Type-C USB port.

There will be three versions of this model, the consumer model, the business model and the enthusiast mode. These will all be between the prices of $699 to $1,100.

So, Why Is It Vapor?

Looking at these features, the Surface Phone looks like a sure winner. However, as it is a Microsoft-made product, it may not be so well-received.

The main issue is the fact that this is a Windows device. This phone series had failed to satisfy users in the past, especially in regards to the kind of apps available.

Some folks have said that following their upgrade to Windows 10, the device began experiencing issues. The apps for financial and banking transactions have a visually unappetizing design compared to the same ones on Android and iOS.

Well, do you think the Microsoft Surface Phone is vapor hardware?

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