Andy Hodges

Andy Hodges is a staff writer for NewsOXY. Below is a list of news articles written by this author and journalist.

Cancer's Achilles Heel Cancer’s Achilles Heel Study Unveils Effective Personalized Treatment To Begin Testing In Two Years

Cancer’s Achilles heel is a new method developed by researchers to design an effective personalized treatment. The cancer study was published on March 3 in the journal Science, which explains that researchers hope to test it in two years’ time, […]

Emma Roberts Hair Gets Fresh Look (Photo)

Emma Roberts hair got a fresh look to go with her new engagement ring on Jan. 22. Roberts turned heads in more ways than one as she attended ELLE’s annual Women In Television event in West Hollywood. Emma’s hair was […]

NASA Tests Microgravity as it Recruits Volunteers

NASA is currently researching microgravity on the human body as it recruits several volunteers willing willing to do very little at its Houston headquarters for 70 days. The couch potatoes will get paid around $5,000 a month by the US […]

Will You Ever Be Able To Retire

Will You Ever Be Able To Retire - Will you find yourself leaving the workforce early to be able to retire? For most people, that will never happen, but the dream can stay alive as long as you manage your […]

Weight Loss Foods Help Curb Hunger

A recent study on weight loss foods unveils how to curb hunger. In fact, these foods can help you burn calories faster. We have put together a list to help you drop the unwanted pounds. Red chili peppers - The […]

Homeless Man Searches Owner Of Diamond Ring

Homeless Man Diamond Ring. A homeless man says a woman gave him a gold ring laced with a diamond in Michigan. She handed him a handful of change and quickly left. Michael Secaur tells The Oakland Press that he was […]

Percy Harvin Injury: Seeks Second Injury Opinion

Percy Harvin is scheduled to get a second opinion on his hip injury next week, according to league sources. Harvin, a Seattle Seahawk wide receiver in the NFL, will meet with Dr. Bryan Kelly in New York City. There’s real […]

Dog Pack Murder Charges For Owner Of Pit Bulls

One dog owner of a pack of pit bulls that killed a woman jogger in a gruesome mauling was charged with murder in a highly unusual case that strains the memories of law enforcement officials to find comparable uses of […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Buys New House In Pacific Palisades

Jennifer Love Hewitt Buys - Jennifer Love Hewitt goes shopping in the Pacific Palisades and buys a house for $3.25 million. Built in 2007, the contemporary wood, glass and steel house has an open plan, high ceilings, four bedrooms, 4 […]

FAA Furlough Bill Passes After Painful Spending Cuts

Lawmakers worked hard in the night to relieve FAA air traffic delays caused by sequester-related furloughs by passing a bill after painful spending cuts were mandated by Congress last week. While the legislators likely improved their chances for on-time flights […]