​Flying Car Is Here With Plenty Of Airspace Travel In Europe

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
Oct. 9, 2014

A flying car from the future is now available more than 100 years after the first patent was registered in 1903, which inspired Waldo Waterman.

Commuters today need a flying car to avoid traffic jams on the roads. Things are so much different today than 100 years ago. Waldo Waterman invented the “aerobile” before its maiden flight in 1937.

Things may be about to change: in 2014, talk of the first genuine flying car is setting the tech scene abuzz again. In June, Terrafugia announced that it was two years away from finishing its first “roadable aircraft” , but now it looks like the US company will be beaten to the prize.

Organizers of Vienna’s Pioneers Festival, an annual conference for future technology and digital entrepreneurship, announced on Thursday that they would unveil the prototype of “the world’s most advanced flying car” on 29 October.

An earlier prototype of the Flying Roadster by Slovakian company AeroMobil reportedly took its first test flight in October last year. The latest version will be tested a day before its premiere, on 28 October.

Company co-founder Juraj Vaculik said that AeroMobil had sped up the prototyping process after having seen “enthusiastic reactions of the global engineering and design community”.

Weighing 450 kg, with carbon-fibre wings that fold behind the cabin and a flight top speed of 124mph, the two-seater promises to be more of a flying sports car than a flying family car.

AeroMobil’s CTO Stefan Klein, who has been working on developing a flying car for two decades, said:

“We want to make personal transportation exciting, more efficient and sustainable. With ever more cars on the roads and ever more crowded airports, traveling is no longer what it used to be.”

Most experts will say that this technology is old and slow-coming. That’s because the flying car originally debuted about 70 years ago from all over the world, including Italy. Top landing speeds were 150mph and air speed was over 200 mph. But government regulations pretty much shut down the projects in the past.

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