Philadelphia Bloggers License Required For Home Business

Philadelphia bloggers license required for home business. If you are a blogger and live in Philadelphia, the city now requires you to license. All bloggers earning a profit have to pay $300 a year to be licensed in Philadelphia.

Bloggers in Philadelphia, the city wants your money. The cash-strapped city has decided one way to increase revenues will be to require all bloggers to acquire a business license. All blogs with profit making potential via ads or other means must apply for the $50 a year ($300 for lifetime) licenses, no matter how micro the profits from the blog are.

Licenses are required if your blog earns a profit of $50 or more per year. This means that any Philadelphia blogger who reports their earnings will have to pay the city $300 a year for a “privilege license” plus taxes. In fact, the city claims it has the right to collect on any business engaged in “activity for profit.”

In fact, it applies whether or not they earned a profit during the preceding year. Business licenses are required for any business located within an incorporated city’s limits. According to the Philadelphia Department of Revenue, simply choosing the option to make money from a blog, through ads and regardless of how much or little money is generated, qualifies a blog as a business.


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