Betty White & Oscars

By: Susan Harris
Staff Writer
Published: May 13, 2010

Betty White & Oscars has prompted Facebook users to lobby. They want Betty White to host the Oscars next year. The social website page for the actress has more than 56,000 fans.

Saturday Night Live

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn't seem as giving as the people at NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL). Facebook fans campaigned for the actress to get her to SNL. It was successful, and the television network answered their request. However, a spokeswoman says the Academy will let the producers decide who'd be the best host.

TV Show Ratings Boost for SNL

The 88-year-old comedian gave an incredible performance and a stellar review on SNL. Her much-anticipated appearance gave the show boost in ratings not seen in more than two years. The Academy Awards is scheduled for February 27, and they usually announce the host before the fall season.