Chelsea Clinton Wedding Decoy Planned

By: Staff
Staff Writer
Published: Jul 18, 2010

Chelsea Clinton wedding decoy could be the purpose for Rhinebeck, New York.

Clinton wedding decoy is Rhinebeck, according to sources. It's a possible decoy that could place the wedding of Chelsea Clinton at a different location. The Clinton family has been so secret about the wedding, that many people believe Rhinebeck is only a decoy.

Wedding rumors about where Chelsea Clinton will be in two weeks are now surfacing. Many people believe that she never planned to marry in Rhinebeck, New York. Perhaps it was only a decoy to lead people to upstate New York, rather than the real place for the ceremony.

However, it could make sense only because there are a lot of high-power government officials attending the wedding. We know that President Barack Obama will be attending, but there are also several government officials from overseas that are on the guest list. If this is a decoy, it's probably about security than anything else.

However, residents have reported that the secret service is everywhere in Rhinebeck. They are sweeping the area before Chelsea gets married in two weeks. Even so, this could still be just a plot, and the wedding has had so many secrets about it already.