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Gun Store Robbery Gun Store Robbery Takes 2 Minutes, Thieves Arrested In Less Than 48 Hours

A gun store robbery was a heist that took only 120 seconds, but the thieves were arrested in less than 48 hours. At least three of the 10 thieves whose spectacular smash-and-grab robbery of a Houston gun store was caught […]

Boko Haram Surrender Boko Haram Surrender To Military Officers While Looking For Food In Nigeria

A Boko Haram surrender with some of its starving members has taken place to a military officer and a civilian self-defense fighter in Nigeria, according to 360 nobs. Seventy-six members of the group, including women and children, surrendered to Nigerian […]

Maci Lilley Found Maci Lilley Found Safe Following 4-Year-Old Child Abduction At Fort Peck Indian Reservation

Maci Lilley was found alive on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana after the 4-year-old was reportedly abducted, according to Daily Mail. Roosevelt County spokesman Lee Allmer says the girl was found Sunday and was undergoing a medical exam […]

Florida Teacher Poisoned Florida Teacher Poisoned By 12-Year-Old Middle School Students With Pepper Flakes

A Florida teacher poisoned investigation led to the arrest of three 12-year-old girls. The girls poisoned their middle school educator as payback after they were sent to the principal’s office for misbehavior, according to International Business Times. Volusia County police […]

California ICBM Test California ICBM Test: American Military Flexes Nuclear Muscle In Minuteman III Demonstration

A California ICBM test involving the U.S. military was fired and landed at a target site later that day. The unarmed Minuteman III missile roared out of a silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California late at night, raced […]

US Advisers Nigeria US Advisers Nigeria May Get Help From Special Operations In War Against Boko Haram

US advisers in Nigeria may get help from Special Operations to the front lines in the country’s fight against the West African group Boko Haram. Nigeria may soon see a deployment of American troops closer to the battle that as […]

Okinawa Base Move Delayed Okinawa Base Move Delayed For More Than Two Years As Local Residents Wants Marines Off Island

The Okinawa base move has been delayed for more than two years. The Marine Corps air station base has faced a lot of controversy because of its relocation from the densely populated area to the island’s northern recesses, according to […]

Russia US Spy Planes Russia US Spy Planes: Open Skies Treaty Used For Russian Observation Flights From Above

Russia is asking the US permission to send spy planes in the skies equipped with an advanced electro-optical imaging sensor. The planes might fly because both countries are signatories on the Open Skies Treaty, according to New York Times. The […]

Obama Guantanamo Obama Guantanamo: President Obama Seeks Congress Approval For Prison Shutdown As Republicans Block Effort

Obama Guantanamo: The White House administration revealed its plan for closing the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Obama has made the closure one of his long-standing goals as the Pentagon has proposed transferring the remaining 91 detainees to their home […]

Michigan Shootings Michigan Shootings: Gunman Detained In Kalamazoo Shootings That Killed Several People

A Michigan shootings gunman killed six people and wounded two in Kalamazoo County in a random parking lot. The shooting suspect, Jason Dalton, 45, opened fire late on Saturday outside an apartment complex, a Kia car dealership and a Cracker […]

James Nichols Luis Valenzuela James Nichols Luis Valenzuela: Two Officers Charged With ‘Repeated Assault’ Against Women While On Duty

James Nichols and Luis Valenzuela, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, have been charged with repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting several women while on duty. The men threatened their victims with arrest if they did not comply with their […]

Canada Missing Indigenous Women Canada’s Missing Indigenous Women Stats Soar As Government Investigates Murdered Victims

Canada’s missing indigenous women mystery continues on a path of confusion. That’s because Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said listening to families of victims has made her believe the official statistics do not tell the whole story, according to the […]

Hellfire Missile In Cuba Hellfire Missile In Cuba: Hellfire Returned To United States After Shipping Mistake

A Hellfire missile in Cuba has been returned to the United States. The air-to-ground missile was used by NATO during maneuvers in Europe, but ended up on the island by mistake, according to Latino FOX News. In June 2014, customs […]