Amityville House For Sale (Photo)

Amityville House For Sale

Amityville horror house for sale. The famous Amityville Horror House is on the market for a sale price of $1.1 million. The New York haunted house has a lot of buyers interested in the property, and there have been a few proposals set below the asking price.

The house is located at 108 Ocean Avenue and a “for sale” sign was put on the property last Monday. Some buyers want it to transform the home into a museum, while others would like to make it a “haunted” bed & breakfast. Even so, there are those that are just interested in a property and fascinated about its evil past.

Amityville is best known for its controversial past that started about 36 years ago, when owner Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six people in the home. It was later sold to George and Kathleen Lutz, who stayed only 28 days and never returned. The couple insists that things were happening to them that could only explain paranormal activity.

The current homeowners have enjoyed the home and the only thing odd they found are the people that stare at it from the street. Tourists from all over the world visit the scene hoping to get a glimpse of its past. It’s a busy street, but if someone buys it for a business, it will still be up to the city to meet building code as well as the creepy things that could awake.

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