Dog Released Into Wild By Kennel Club Mistake

Kennel Club releases dog into the wild after a shelter expert claimed it was a coyote.

Dog released into wild released by Kennel Club. A Frankfort Humane Society released an American Kennel Club-registered dog into the wild after they mistook her for a coyote. The dog could be gone for good as it’s now running free into the wild.

Copper, a female Sheba Inu, was owned by Lori Goodlett. She was her pet for 11 years until she disappeared from her fenced back yard on July 3. A police officer recognized Copper as the dog that he had put in the shelter after viewing posters that the women had put up.

Shortly after the officer took the dog to the shelter, he received a call stating that she would have to be picked up, because coyotes weren’t allowed there. After consulting a wildlife expert, the department turned the dog loose behind a home improvement store. The wildlife expert told them that the coyote should be returned to the wild or killed because they are nuisance animals.

Police and volunteers have been helping to search for the missing dog. “People would say when Copper was young, she looked like a fox with her pointy ears and red coloring,” Lori Goodlett said in a statement. “But no one has ever mistaken her for a coyote.” No one knows how the wildlife expert mistaken the dog. “I know in my head Copper is gone for good, but in my heart, I would like to think some nice family found her and took her in,” Goodlett said.

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