Edward Nino Hernandez Becomes World's Shortest Man

By: Mary Smith
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 6, 2010

Edward Nino Hernandez has been named the shortest living man by Guinness World Records.

Edward Nino Hernandez becomes World's Shortest Man. Edward Nino Hernandez named shortest living man in Guinness World Records. Hernandez is a normal 24-year-old Colombian male with his likes, dislikes and dreams.

Hernandez is special because he's 27 inches tall. The Guinness World Records has officially certified him as the shortest living man on the Earth. He weighs only 22 pounds.

Noemi Hernandez, his mother, said that he had not grown since he was a two-year-old. He replaced China's He Pingping, former titleholder, after his death on March 13. In addition, the Guinness has recognized him as the world's shortest teen.

Nino was just 1.5kg in weight and 38cm long at the time of his birth, said Hernandez and added that he is unable to read or see properly because of cataracts in both eyes,. She added that her family, which also has four other boys and her husband, is unable to afford the expenses.

Nino loves to travel but have not yet gone beyond Colombia. He said he wants to meet former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. In addition, Hernandez likes Hollywood stars Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan.