Golfer Oversleeps? Jim Furyk Missed His PGA Tee Time

By: Staff
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 25, 2021

Golfer Oversleeps? Jim Furyk said he used his phone as an alarm clock, he's been disqualified.

Golfer Oversleeps? Jim Furyk Missed His PGA Tee Time. Golfer Jim Furyk oversleeps on a big day, the PGA Barclays tournament, and now he's disqualified. Apparently, Furyk used his cell phone as an alarm clock but the battery had died.

Oversleeping is not a good thing, if you have a PGA appointment for the Barclays. Golfer Jim Furyk missed his 7:30 tee time at the pro event. Rules dictate that any player missing the pro-am -- except for injury or family emergency -- isn't eligible for the tournament.

That's because sponsors pay big bucks to golfers during the pro-ams. Furyk is not thrilled about being disqualified from the FedExCup's first playoff tournament because his alarm didn't go off. Essentially, he didn't charge his phone long enough, the phone died and the alarm never went off.

The bad news is that Furyk just cost himself a paycheck. The good news is that since he's ranked third in the current FedExCup standings, his season isn't going to end just because he forgot his charger. We've all done that.