USGS: Peru Earthquake 6.0

Peru Earthquake 6.0 magnitude. The 6.0 Peru Earthquake hit 81 miles north of Moyobamba and 78 miles deep. The quake struck late on Tuesday, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The epicenter was located far away from most populated areas in the country. There are no injuries or damages to report. Residents in the region felt the quake in cities of Chimbote and Chiclayo.

The quake took place in one of the most seismically active regions of the world known as the Pacific Rim. It is the area along the local coastline and it is very dangerous. The area has been very active this year alone.

On August 15, 2007, the earth shook and claimed the lives of 600 people and left many people injured. It was a massive 8.0 magnitude that also leveled a local town completely. The most serious one hit in 1970, a 7.9-magnitude, high in the Andes that triggered a landslide and buried the town of Yungay and killed 66,000 people.

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