Van der Sloot Victim Video Seals Peru Case

Van der Sloot Victim Video Seals Peru Case

Van der Sloot victim video. This photo is from the hotel’s camera and shows Joran van der Sloot exiting the room with Stephany Flores left inside. The video reveals both the suspect and Stephany Flores entering the room which became the murder scene.

“He speaks Spanish fluently and we took a statement from him in Spanish, where he denies any involvement and the charges brought against him,” Peruvian Investigative Police Officer Fernando Ovalle Gatica said in a statement. “Naturally, he needs to face the murder that took place here and if the courts find him responsible for that murder, he will have to fulfill his sentence here,” President Alan Garcia said in a statement. “Don’t worry, this murderer will pay. He will pay for what he’s done,” Stephany’s father Ricardo Flores said.

What makes this murder investigation sealed tight is that the video evidence shows Joran van der Sloot entering and leaving the scene. More compelling, is that it just happened to be the fifth anniversary Natalie Holloway’s disappearance, to the day. This is why investigators believe the suspect is a serial killer, and if so, there could be more cases involved.

When Van der Sloot left the hotel room, he told the desk attendant, “Don’t bother my girl,” and was never seen again. For those to believe he is guilty of Holloway’s murder, the prison in Peru, isn’t so great. Sources say that he’s in a dirty jail cell with screaming sounds from other inmates that occur 24 hours a day.

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