Vatican Save Woman Stoning In Iran

By: Rob Adams
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 6, 2010

Vatican Save Woman Stoning - Pope Benedict XVI pleads with Iran.

Vatican save woman stoning in Iran. Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican are hopeful that they could save an Iranian woman from stoning. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is facing the death pentalty in Iran.

Ashtiani is due to be executed by way of stoning in Iran. The 43-year-old women was convicted in 2006 of adultery. Her controversial case became internationally known in 2010 after high profile reports about the method of which she would die.

Ashtiani's son, Sajad, is spear-heading an effort to save his mother's life. He petitioned Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican, and the "Holy See" on this brutal form of punishment. The "Holy See" directed by Rev. Federico Lombardi, is the governing body of the Catholic church This division oversees matters such as this and of diplomacy.

A campaign by her two children succeeded in halting Mohammadi Ashtiani's imminent execution in July 2010, but not in overturning her death sentence. Calls to stop her execution came from leading human rights groups Avaaz, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as well as from several high-profile celebrities. A petition was created in support of her release, and has been signed by several additional prominent activists.

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