​Kim Kardashian Haircut: Shorter Kim Kardashian Style Surprises Fans

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September 2, 2014

A Kim Kardashian haircut surprised fans, but then some were wondering if it was a trick since it’s part of her iconic look.

According to The Spreadit, Kardashian posted several photos days before the cut, but none of her followers noticed a difference. When North West’s mom realized that her supporters were not being attentive enough, she decided to guide them in the right direction. The 33-year-old reality star posted a photo to her Instagram account August 30, writing:

“New hair cut alert #shorter #JenAtkin.”

It’s of little wonder that the Kim Kardashian haircut is drawing attention to her famous tresses right now. The day before her cut, Women’s Wear Daily published a piece about the Kardashian sisters’ upcoming hair product line, under the headline “The Color of Money.” The Kardashian “hair tools and styling products” are set to hit shelves in 2015.

The reality star told Women’s Wear Daily about the new Kim Kardashian haircut:

“Sometimes you do a selfie just to capture the hair look. If you have fun braids in your hair, you want to show them off or if you have a cool, slicked ponytail. I love hair selfies.”

According to Us Magazine, “At most Kanye West’s wife only lopped off a few inches of her brunette locks, keeping a soft wave in her hair, which she also sported at the 2014 MTV VMAs last weekend.”

The Kim Kardashian haircut is the perfect way to close out the summer. With fall right around the corner, she wanted to sport a hot new look. She did just that.

Last week, Kim Kardashian was with her new haircut and flaunting a seriously leggy look! The 33-year-old hit up a frozen yogurt establishment and grabbed everyone’s attention. Even so, only a few actually thought her hair was shorter.

While talking about her new Kim Kardashian haircut, the reality star also said she loves to style and change it up, but so does little North West. She revealed North’s hair styling techniques in an all-new interview with Women’s Wear Daily:

“North likes to brush her own hair … You start with a brush and then you have to get a second brush [for her].”

Well, North has the best role model for stunning hair styles. The reality star always looks glamorous, but the Kim Kardashian haircut may be her fan’s favorite look yet. Kanye West’s prettier half only took a couple inches off, it appears, maintaining a soft wave in her locks.

Kim Kardashian explained that she starts out on the first day with a clean blowout. The second day, she put in dry shampoo, which adds texture. Then, the third day, she straightens it, and then, the fourth day, she puts her oil in it to give it a sleek look.

The Kim Kardashian haircut can still go into a ponytail or sleek bun when she’s finished. That’s her four day hair plan. Then she starts all over again.

Admittedly the look does flatter her face shape. It also gives her a more mature, womanly look.

The Kim Kardashian haircut photos have received nearly 650,000 likes and a little over 8,000 comments.