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This is the main page of the latest Space news stories and essential articles written by Michael Stevens and other journalists for NewsOXY. Today is Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

Mars Rover Friday Aboard Atlas V Rocket

Mars Rover Friday - Mars will receive one of the most sophisticated space rovers ever made as it sets off for a new mission on Friday. The vehicle being tested is a replica of the latest vehicle that will soon be crawling around the Red Planet. It looks like a giant mechanical insect - six [...]

Saturn Northern Storm Is a Record

Saturn Storm - Storms on Saturn make the ones we moan about on Earth seem positively puny, and this year’s northern storm is a record-breaker, even by the standards of the gas giant’s legendarily foul weather. The weather event has been raging for 200 days. It encircles the planet, and breaks a record set by [...]

Europa Lake May Support Life

Europa Lake - Europa, a moon of Jupiter, could have lakes of liquid water. New research suggests that they could be buried in the icy crust. The processes that creates them could also provide nutrients crucial for life on the Jupiter moon, according to the study. Mysterious depressions and domes on Jupiter’s ice-encrusted moon may [...]

Mars Simulation Completes 18 Months

Mars Simulation - Astronauts spent the past 18 months locked inside a fake space shuttle outside of Moscow as a simulation. The very real six-man crew from the very European Space Agency finally ended their very fake mission to Mars this afternoon. The all-male crew of three Russians, a Frenchman, an Italian-Colombian and a Chinese [...]

Asteroid 2005 YU55 C-Type Gets Closer To Earth

Asteroid 2005 YU55 - A c-type asteroid known as “2005 YU55″ will pass very close to Earth on Nov. 8, according to NASA. The meteorite is the same size as an aircraft-carrier. It will be the largest near-miss for the planet in three decades. It will come within 202,000 miles of Earth, closer than the [...]

Moon Rock Sting Operation At A Denny’s

The elaborate moon rock sting mission was led by NASA agents to recover a moon rock in a highly-secret sting operation. It all went down at a small local Denny’s restaurant in Riverside County, California. However, at the end of the mission, agents were left holding a speck of lunar dust smaller than a grain [...]

Track Falling German Satellite Live

Now you can track the falling German satellite online. The defunct German Roentgen satellite, or ROSAT, is the size of a large car and set to make its plunge to Earth today. Experts say there’s no way to precisely determine where it will crash. Pinpointing where and when hurtling space debris will strike is an [...]

German Satellite Crash Landing Set For Friday

German satellite crash is expected to hit Earth by Saturday, although that could change in the coming days. German Satellite Crash - It’s only been a month after NASA faced the same problem when its probe fell into the southern Pacific Ocean. Now another retired probe is expected to make its landing as it spins [...]

Meteorite Crashes Into A Home In Paris

A 4.5 billion year old meteorite crash’s into a Paris home. In an ironic twist, the name of the family that owned the home is named the Comettes. Luckily the family was not home at the time it landed in the home and no one was injured. It is thought that the tiny space rock [...]

NASA Looks To Get Into ‘Space Taxi’ Business

Now that the shuttle program has ended for NASA, the space agency is looking to get into the ‘space taxi’ business. NASA has allocated 1.61 billion dollars to private companies that will transport U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station and low-Earth orbit. The deal is for a private company to develop a complete space [...]

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